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The college is having the following 10 Laboratories:

a) Pharmaceutical Chemistry -2 labs

b) Pharamaceutical Analysis Biochemistry -1 lab

c) Pharmaceutical & clinical Pharmacy -2 labs

d) APHE & Clinical Pathology -1 lab
e) Pharmacology -1 lab

f) Pharmacognosy -1 lab

g) Microbiology -1 lab
h) Computer Application -1 lab

In addition to the above 10 laboratories we have Instrumentation room and Machine room and Balance room as well. The college had a well developed animal house for carrying on Pharmacological experiments and developing Medicinal Plant garden on the terrace with about 90-100 medicinal plants.

The college is having a seperate computer lab with 15 computers. We are making arrangements for adding 5 more computers to our computer lab with LAN/WAN facility.

The college had a well-developed library on the X floor which can accommodate more than 150 students at a time and it will be networked and Internet facilities will be provided.

With the fullcompletion of 10th floor of our college there will be 4 lecture halls, seminar hall with stage and Bord/Secretary room. The total built up area of the college is 3902 Sq.mts (8th, 9th, and 10th floors is 42000sq.ft each floor 14000sq.ft) 42000x0.092903=3901.92 Sq.mts. i.e 3902sq.mts.


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